Richard Spector

Self-Help Author, Certified Life Coach

The Arena Trilogy Series

Unlock the hidden potential within yourself and unleash your personal and professional growth with The Arena Trilogy. Packed with the transformative power of Perceptional Messaging™, SHIP-building™, and Secret Similarities™, this captivating series is tailor-made to propel you toward success! 

With each book standing as a self-contained master class, you have the freedom to select the one that resonates with you the most or embark on an exhilarating journey by experiencing all three in the recommended sequence below. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your life to new heights with The Arena Trilogy!

The Executive Arena

The Leadership Arena

The Abundance Arena

Welcome to "The Executive Arena," where the secrets to corporate success are unveiled, and the path to the top is illuminated. Ever wondered how some individuals effortlessly climb the ladder while others miss out on well-deserved promotions? This book delves into the enigmatic world of corporate politics, revealing the art of positive navigation that sets high achievers apart. From rapid risers to those who seem to have it all figured out, the book uncovers the strategies that shape triumphant careers.

Are you a business professional seeking to soar to new heights, an aspiring executive ready to conquer the corporate landscape, or a fresh graduate eager to make your mark? Look no further - this is your essential guide. With wisdom not found in business schools, you'll be armed with skills and insights to gain an unparalleled advantage over others in the game. Explore the power of Perceptional Messaging
 and watch as your hard work gains the recognition it truly deserves.

Within these pages lies the formula for excelling in the corporate world, where ambition meets strategy and dedication ignites triumph. Embrace your destiny and join the ranks of those who've cracked the code to sustainable success. Whether you're seeking a rapid ascent or a steady climb, "The Executive Arena" is your ticket to unlocking the door to a fulfilling and rewarding corporate journey.      (Click on the book to order!)

Step into "The Leadership Arena" and unlock the secrets to unparalleled success as a leader! Leave behind mere theories and opinions and embark on a transformative journey that will shape you into an exceptional leader. Richard Spector's captivating book challenges you to embrace the age-old art of learning through conditioning, empowering you to stand out in the crowded leadership landscape.

Prepare to be captivated as you dive into real-life situations, drawing lessons from naval recruit training, military life, and corporate ascension. The pages come alive with vivid narratives, immersing you in the world of leadership like never before. The author's unique approach elevates the art of leadership to unprecedented heights, making this a must-read for aspiring leaders and seasoned executives alike.

"The Leadership Arena," the second installment in the gripping Arena Trilogy, unveils the revolutionary concept of SHIP-building™. Spector introduces you to the core tenets of effective leadership, providing you with the essential tools and skills to triumphantly navigate the turbulent waters of leadership.      (Click on the book to order!)

Enter "The Abundance Arena" and unlock the secrets to a life of limitless possibilities! Drawing from extensive research, personal experiences, and the wisdom of luminaries in various fields, Spector presents a comprehensive roadmap for cultivating abundance in all areas of life. Whether you seek financial prosperity, thriving relationships, or vibrant health, "The Abundance Arena" offers practical strategies and profound insights to help you manifest your dreams and aspirations.

Uncover the hidden beliefs and thought patterns that may be holding you back from embracing abundance. Learn to rewire your thinking to create a mindset that attracts abundance effortlessly. Master the Secret Similarities™ and gain a deep understanding of the universal laws that governs abundance. Learn how to align your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your desires to manifest the life you envision.

Explore a holistic approach to abundance by delving into the interconnectedness of various aspects of life, such as wealth, relationships, health, and the earth itself. Learn practical techniques to elevate each area, creating a harmonious symphony of abundance. "The Abundance Arena" is not just a book; it is a guidebook for transforming your life. With practical exercises, thought-provoking reflections, and actionable steps, Spector empowers you to become the architect of your own abundant reality.  (Click on the book to order!)