Celebrate the Haters!

SECRET SIMILARITIY #6 - CELEBRATE THE HATERS! (An excerpt from the newly released book The Abundance Arena). 

“Haters only hate the things they can’t have and the people they can’t be. It’s just a little thing called jealousy.”⎮Lil Wayne

It’s inevitable. As your happiness begins to improve, as success in your career grows, they will come. As your small business expands or your book sales increase, they will come. They will show no rhyme or reason why you were chosen to become the target, yet they will come. In the Abundance Arena, they, appropriately, are called the haters.

Don’t confuse a hater with a legitimate customer complaint or someone who wasn’t happy with a recent purchase. Haters are not people who don't like your article or disagree with your point of view. A hater is simply a vindictive person that hates others' success and happiness. Lil Wayne said it best: "Haters hate the things they can't have and the people they can't be." I know it sounds like these "haters" have nothing better to do with their unhappy lives, so they comb the internet for someone who has achieved what they can't and lash out in jealousy. Well, guess what? That's precisely what haters do. They can be anyone from a complete stranger to a family member and anyone in between.

Early in my career as a young, up-and-coming executive, I was taught (the hard way) that the higher you climb, the bigger target you become. I learned in the corporate world that for every promotion you get, there are always others around you who want your job. Back then, I took that lesson as I had to be a fighter; I had to stand firm against those who would like to do me, my family, or my career harm. But I was wrong. That is not the lesson I am teaching here. Secret Similarity #6 - Celebrate the Haters, is the exact opposite of fighting back.

When my first book was published back in 2018, I was so grateful that it was finally out there for the world to read. As a new author, I was proud that the project I had been working on for so long was finally complete. As the reviews began to come in, though I was quite nervous waiting on the outcome, I was pleasantly surprised by the results, and a sigh of relief came over me. I’m sure it’s the same feeling you get when you start a new business, and people begin to purchase your product or service. Some even become repeat customers, and you begin to feel even better about the future of your business venture. Things have started off on a positive note and are going great. Then it happens! 

Back in 2018, I had a review come in on a major book retailer’s website. It was devastating! Now, it was clearly not a real book review, and you could tell they never read the book, nor were they even familiar with its contents. Instead, this person not only attacked me, but they also went after several other family members in an attempt to defame or discredit them as well. It was simply a malicious attempt by someone who was clearly close to the family and just wanted to rain on another’s parade.

Needless to say, this situation shook me up a bit, so I decided to call on my circle of influence and ask for advice on what to do. As discussed earlier in the book, I, too, have a circle of influence I can tap into for advice when the situation is deemed necessary. These people are very successful and have all mastered the Art of Abundance, not to mention (as I would soon find out) have all experienced the hater’s wrath.

When I explained what had happened to several people in my group, the response was not what I expected. In fact, I was floored by just how happy and celebratory they were. It was like I had just crossed some significant threshold and was being awarded for an achievement I never realized I needed to accomplish. The responses were literally statements like, “Congratulations!” and “That’s awesome!” or “Welcome to the club!” and “You know you’re on the right track now!”

Then and there, I acquired one of the most valuable tools needed to master the Art of Abundance: Don’t fight the haters; celebrate them! When the haters come, and they will, it indicates you are on the right track. It’s proof that you are growing, achieving, learning, and accomplishing things only a few will ever get to experience. So be happy! When you experience your first hater, jump for joy, yell out the word “YES,” and be proud that you have achieved hater status because you’ve earned it.

Abundance Principle: “When a bear goes searching for honey, it knows there are bee stings in its future.”⎮Joseph Joubert

In summary, just be aware that they are coming. Then, when the bees do finally come, just keep enjoying the honey. A little sting won’t stop you, and remember; the bee dies after it stings. 

Richard Spector

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